Articulate Storyline Localisation

Adelphi can localise your Articulate Storyline course into any language. For Storyline localization, we use a fully supported and tested process, which consists of four stages:

Export the original text:

The English text from the course is exported into a table in Word or a translation memory file (XLIFF format). This includes buttons, sliders and captions that are not part of the main body of text.

Translate the exported text:

We contact a professional, experienced translators working into their native tongue and ask them to translate your content. The linguists will be selected based on their skill and understanding of the subject matter: we have a translator for every specialisation. All of our linguists have a minimum of three years’ commercial experience and are vetted based on quality and punctuality.

Import the translated text:

The translations then go to our production department, where the foreign-language content is imported back into the course, populating the text boxes, button, sliders and captions with the translated text.

Quality testing:

We perform quality checks on the result, making sure that the process was successful: that there are no errors in functionality and any text that is longer in the foreign language than the source fits comfortably in the template.

Subtitling, Voice-overs, Typesetting

Adelphi also offers subtitling, voice-over and typesetting services, meaning that if your course has any video or printed word elements, we can produce these in your target languages as well. We understand that rolling out a new course can be a complex undertaking, which is why our project managers are set up to handle everything about the localisation process for you in one place.

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