GMC Certified Translations

Adelphi has been a supplier of certified translations for over 15 years for applicants to the General Medical Council (GMC). Adelphi has provided certified translations for hundreds of medical personnel from many different countries.

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What is a certified translation?

When translations are required for official purposes, such as wedding certificates, academic qualifications or for court proceedings, Adelphi can provide you with translated and certified documents. In most cases, we do not require the original documents, just photocopies or scans from which to work.

What you get: A signed and stamped official letter provided with the translated text which is also officially stamped to acknowledge the certification.

General Medical Council certified translation service

The process:

  1. Send us scanned images of your documents for assessment (PDF is best)
  2. We acknowledge receipt of documents, confirm document names and number of certificates required
  3. Adelphi sends you a quotation and estimated schedule for the translation
  4. Pay in advance online using our online payment service
  5. Once the translations are done we send a copy to you via email for approval and contact the translator with any of your questions
  6. Once approved, the documents are individually certified, stamped, signed and dated and sent to you in duplicate by post. You will also receive a PDF scan of the work over e-mail

What we cannot do

We cannot certify your own or any third party translations you have commissioned. The documents have to be translated by Adelphi for us to be able to put our certification on the documents.

Adelphi’s Quality Assurance for Certified Translations

We have been the chosen company to provide official translations for a large number of standard documents that require certification as well as some more unusual cases which involved transcription and translation from audio and video recordings. All of the documents we receive are treated as confidential.

We have worked closely with firms such as Leigh Day & Co Solicitors, Sydney Mitchell Solicitors, Tamsin Morris Solicitors and Grahame Stowe Batesons Lawyers. We are a preferred agency for the General Medical Council as an accredited supplier of certified translation. We always ensure that we understand exactly what is needed and provide you with an accurate, timely and useful translation.

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