Website localisation

Translating your website: things to consider

How much of the site should we translate?

Often it doesn’t make sense and may be very expensive to translate the whole website. If there are regularly updated sections such as ‘News’ or maybe a blog, in which new content is frequently added, it will make sense to exclude this from the translation. You can create an effective series of ‘mini-websites’ which contains the main content of your website.

To Flag or not to Flag?

Many companies like to use flags to show the languages their website is translated into. Using a flag is common but bear in mind that some languages are spoken across boundaries and if you are aiming for a generic translation then flags would be less appropriate.

Text expansion

When translating your website one of the things you have to consider is that some languages are longer than English. If you are designing a website in English that you know is to be translated, text expansion should be taken into consideration in the design stage.

Word count

One of the biggest problems we encounter when being asked to translate a website is getting an accurate word count. Often we are just provided with a URL which of course contains the entire website and there could be hundreds of links within the website linking to other pages. It is simply not possible for us to accurately go through every page clicking on links to get a word count.