Adelphi  specialise in foreign language typesetting (DTP) and are especially experienced in typesetting complex and exotic scripts. Here are some case studies of work we have produced in Far Eastern languages including Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Korean and Malay.

Cambodian or Khmer

Cambodian, or Khmer is the official language of Cambodia with speakers in the tens of millions and its own exotic script. The example below was one of the first typesetting jobs we did for Amnesty International after we were selected as their language supplier. Since then we have completed brochures in Croatian, Tamil, Cambodian, Albanian, Malay, Romanian, Romani, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Sinhalese, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, Georgian, Slovak, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Hindi, Bengali and Greek for Amnesty.


Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) Brochure



Korean is in some respects simpler to work with than Chinese or Japanese. Korean word wrapping is less problematic as written Korean breaks down into individual words with spaces, unlike Japanese and Chinese.



Adelphi translations experience with Japanese typesetting as well as Japanese websites, voice overs and subtitles present no problems for us. Adelphi started out by specializing in Japanese typesetting of brochures, leaflets and other printed materials 10 years ago and has since typeset over 120 different languages. Our in-house Japanese staff proofread all Japanese work before approving it for sending to the client.


Japanese Websites

Using sophisticated translation software we can produce foreign language €˜clones’ of an existing English website without the risk of damaging any embedded code. Adelphi Translations are experienced in working with all aspects of a website including Flash movies, images and sound. The sample below for a hotel in London was translated into various languages including Japanese.

Hotel Website in Japanese

Hotel Website in Japanese (Click to enlarge)

Chinese typesetting

When typesetting Chinese we are fortunate to have Tony Wong as our in-house Chinese typesetter and resident expert on the Chinese language, which assures that your Chinese typesetting projects are handled professionally and accurately. We recently produced the brochure below for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce about the Chinese training camp for the Chinese Olympic Team in 2012.


Adelphi Translations don’t shy away from ‘rush jobs’.  We will always do our best to meet deadlines, no matter how impossible they may seem. Late one afternoon, at 4 pm to be precise, a well-known London Advertising agency came running to Adelphi Translations with an urgent Chinese translation and typesetting of leaflets. The final Chinese typeset files had to be delivered as artwork, in Adobe Indesign format, by 9 am the next morning.

The only way to meet the deadline was to translate directly into the InDesign artwork files.  Our in-house Chinese translator was able to translate and typeset the documents and meet the deadline. Since then we have completed more Chinese typesetting jobs for the same agency but, thankfully, with a more realistic deadline of 24 hours.

Chinese translation, voice-overs and subtitles

As well as producing foreign language subtitles for video, Adelphi Translations have been involved in many projects which required €˜same language captions’, which are basically subtitles intended as an aid to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers.

To see more subtitling and voice-over samples please visit our dedicated website at

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