Video translation services for voice-over and subtitle projects

Adelphi Translations in-house Video Translation Service provides translations for subtitles and voice-overs in over 100 languages included in our video translation services are transcriptions and on-screen text localisation.

Adelphi has its own in-house translation department but we are also happy to work with your own translations. We are also a voice-over production agency with over 1,200 foreign language voice artists on our books in over 80 languages. Our subtitling department has subtitled videos in over 100 languages.

Working with Translation Agencies

Adelphi has worked for many translation agencies providing them with translations and video localisation, where we give advice on length of translations, fonts for subtitling etc. This enables translation agencies to offer video translations including the voice-over and subtitling to their own clients.

Subtitling translations

Adelphi produce SRT files in any language, including making transcriptions of the source video before they are translated to create SRT files for subtitling. Some clients want only the SRT file so that they can produce their own subtitles while others want us to provide the finished video for them.

Voice-over translations

Voice-over translations are a more specialist area when compared to standard translations. Voice-over translations must be restricted to fit the same time-slot as the original otherwise the voice-artist may have to speak faster to make it fit. If the voice-over is going to be used over a video of a different language, then the voice-over translation may include time-codes to help the voice-artist and engineer sync up the voice to the video.

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