Adelphi Translations have many years experience in handling the €˜Community Languages’ of the United Kingdom for translation, typesetting or voice-over projects. But what exactly are the €˜Community Languages’ of the UK? The definition given by CILT (The National Centre for Languages) is “languages spoken by members of minority groups or communities within a majority language context.”

This definition covers languages such as Welsh or Gaelic, which have been spoken on the islands for hundreds of years, but nowadays they often refer to the languages spoken by either refugees or immigrants into the UK.

Scottish Refugee Council (SRC)

“Scottish Refugee Council is an independent charity dedicated to providing advice and information to people seeking asylum and refugees living in Scotland”.

Typesetting examples by Adelphi Translations Ltd

Typesetting and translation examples by Adelphi Translations Ltd (Click to enlarge)

Adelphi Translations Ltd. were invited to tender for the translation, typesetting and voice over work for the Scottish Refugee Council in 2007. Our first project was a 120 page Welcome to Glasgow information book translated into Somali, French, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Mandarin, Tigrinya, Kurdish Sorani and Pashto. We flew to Glasgow for a meeting with the SRC working out the schedule and to answer any questions they might have regarding the style of translation, the fonts to use and the delivery format.

Since then Adelphi has produced voice-overs for the SRC as well as the translation of many documents in the same languages.

CILT – The National Centre for Languages

“CILT are the UK standard-setting body for languages and provide advice, intelligence and other services for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.”

Adelphi staff went to London for a meeting with the staff of CILT including writers, designers and the translators. We discussed the correct fonts to use, especially for Yoruba, and had individual talks with each translator to discuss any questions they had before starting the work.

The documents were curriculum guides and the languages involved were Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Somali, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kurdish and Yoruba.

Community Languages for CILT (the National Centre for Languages)

Community Languages for CILT (the National Centre for Languages)
(Click to enlarge)

TB Alert

“TB Alert is the UK’s National and International Tuberculosis charity – the only British charity working solely on fighting TB in the UK and overseas”.

The project comprised of 9 documents translated and typeset into 19 languages. These were: Albanian, Bengali, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Somali, Kurdish Sorani, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

TB Alert Italian Sample

TB Alert Italian Sample (Click to enlarge)

Each document was produced using Adobe InDesign, both the English and Middle Eastern versions, and the final deliverables were print-ready PDFs.

TB Alert Urdu Sample

TB Alert Urdu Sample (Click to enlarge)

Community Language Voice overs

Adelphi translations have produced hundreds of voice-overs in community languages. Some examples include:

  • Muslim Aid: Multilingual voice overs in Urdu, Bengali, Somali, Malay, French, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic.
  • Housing Associations such as Bernslai Homes and South Essex Homes
  • Asylum Teams such as: Barnsley, Rotherham, Glasgow, Sheffield and Kirklees asylum teams

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