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Video translation services for voice-over and subtitle projects

Adelphi Translations in-house Video Translation Service provides translations for subtitles and voice-overs in over 100 languages included in our video translation services are transcriptions and on-screen text localisation.

Adelphi has its own in-house translation department but we are also happy to work with your own translations. We are also a voice-over production agency with over 1,200 foreign language voice artists on our books in over 80 languages. Our subtitling department has subtitled videos in over 100 languages.

Working with Translation Agencies

Adelphi has worked for many translation agencies providing them with translations and video localisation, where we give advice on length of translations, fonts for subtitling etc. This enables translation agencies to offer video translations including the voice-over and subtitling to their own clients.

Subtitling translations

Adelphi produce SRT files in any language, including making transcriptions of the source video before they are translated to create SRT files for subtitling. Some clients want only the SRT file so that they can produce their own subtitles while others want us to provide the finished video for them.

Voice-over translations

Voice-over translations are a more specialist area when compared to standard translations. Voice-over translations must be restricted to fit the same time-slot as the original otherwise the voice-artist may have to speak faster to make it fit. If the voice-over is going to be used over a video of a different language, then the voice-over translation may include time-codes to help the voice-artist and engineer sync up the voice to the video.

Best Western video voiced into 18 languages


Voice-overs for Best Western in 18 Languages

Danish, Dutch, English UK, Finnish, French, Japanese, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean.

Adelphi are looking for a Subtitling and Voice-over engineer

Adelphi are looking for a Subtitling and voice-over engineer

Adelphi Studio based in Sheffield UK are looking for someone who has experience in producing of subtitles and voice-over recording.

Reporting to the Studio Manager, you would be largely responsible for recording and post production of voice overs, as well as digital marketing in quieter periods. You will be expected to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into any task that needs doing! No day will be the same, but activities might include:
€¢ Undertaking training in all the software used by the organisation
€¢ Sourcing voice-artists in the languages required. These can be locals or professional artists around the world.
€¢ Holding auditions in our studio recording samples of their voices for clients and our website www.adelphistudio.com
€¢ Recording the work when the client has agreed the artist of their choice.
€¢ Post-production audio
€¢ Dealing with telephone and email enquiries
€¢ Maintaining social media streams such as Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter
€¢ Maintaining the company website and blog

Basic knowledge of SRT files. Knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Compressor, After Effects and Premiere Pro will be useful but not essential as training will be provided?

Send you C.V to nigel@adelphitranslations.com or simply fill in the form below:

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts & Battlefield 4, Arabic materials for XBOX 360

We recently worked on packaging and posters for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4, producing materials for the XBOX 360 editions in Arabic.

We wish we could show you some examples, but due to a Non Disclosure Agreement we are not allowed to post any images.


Adelphi Translations is a full service translation agency producing not only typesetting in any language but also Foreign Language Websites, and Foreign Language Subtitling & Voice-overs.

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