Medical Translations – Typesetting, Websites, Voice-overs and Subtitles

Brochure and Website translation about Evaporative Dry Eye Treatment

The eye problem Evaporative Dry Eye occurs when the water in tears evaporates at a faster rate than normal, due to an insufficient oil layer on the surface of the tear film. A company has developed some new and effective treatments for the condition and had produced an information website about the treatments.

medical materials translation and typesetting

Medical Brochure Translation and Typesetting


Medical Website in French, German and Dutch

The translated website was produced for the American client’s advertising agency in close co-operation with their marketing department. The site can be seen at

The Project included:
Translation and typesetting of packaging and brochures and the conversion of the website. Artwork was supplied as InDesign.

Target Languages: French, German, Italian and Dutch.

Breastlight Medical Equipment Brochures and Packaging

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Breastlight Packaging in Hungarian

Breastlight Packaging in Hungarian (Click to enlarge)

This packaging project came from a design agency based in Glasgow with connections to Saachi and Saachi, one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. The product is sold in Boots in the UK and around the world.

The Project included: The translation and typesetting of packaging, brochures and posters.

Target Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Farsi, Greek, Romanian.

Clinical Trials for a New Wound Dressing

A highly technical medical brochure produced in French. The original trials of the new wound dressing were carried out in the French division of the client,  Urgo. The document was created using MS Word and needed to be translated into English for the UK division. Word is not a particularly good application for typesetting or layout but we were able to retain the look of the original thanks to our knowledge of all versions of MS Word.

French into English translation of medical materials

French into English translation of Medical Materials

TB Alert Brochures

TB Alert Urdu Translation and typesetting Sample

TB Alert Urdu Brochure Translation and Typesetting

“TB Alert is the UK’s National and International Tuberculosis charity — the only British charity working solely on fighting TB in the UK and overseas”.

The project comprised of nine brochures translated and typeset into 19 languages. These were: Albanian, Bengali, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Somali, Kurdish Sorani, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

Tourism and Travel Translation, Typesetting, Websites, Voiceovers and Subtitles

Tourism Guide for the Lake District

Adelphi was approached by the advertising agency that designed the English files for the Lake District guide. We translated the documents into Chinese (Traditional),  Japanese, French, German and Spanish and then typeset the QuarkXpress documents. The comment from the agency was “great job and a very quick turnaround”.

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Tourism Translation typesetting example

Tourism Translation and Typesetting brochure in multiple languages


Chinese Tourism Guide for “Discover East Midlands”

Tourism Translation and Typesetting in Chinese

Tourism Translation and Typesetting in Chinese brochure

We produced another tourism guide for the East Midlands working in conjunction with another translation agency, who asked us to translate and typeset the brochure for them. The finished  brochure was delivered to the China office. They were so impressed with our work that they commented that it was the best translation they had ever received!

Hotel Websites

Below you can see two examples of websites we have localised for the hotel industry. Localising these sites is a simple way of dramatically increasing the catchment area of your marketing.

It is a basic fact, often overlooked by British and American companies, that people prefer to read websites written in their own language and are far more likely to stay on a localised site and to buy the services offered. Because English is considered to be the world’s lingua franca it is arrogantly assumed by many British or American businesses that translating a site is an unnecessary expense. With the rise of the spending power of Asian countries, whose inhabitants do not yet speak English at a level found in Europe, this is a miguided and short-sighted opinion.

Even within Europe the level of English is not high enough for the potential customer to feel comfortable ordering products or booking hotel rooms. Imagine trying to do this in your schoolboy French and you will realise the barrier it presents to the average European.

The Common Sense Advisory research revealed that 52% of French web users are more likely to buy only at websites where the information is presented in their language. More than half of those questioned, who had limited English skills preferred poor translation from English into their local language than none at all! This section was more than four times more likely to buy from a site translated into French. Imagine how much higher the percentage would be in Japan or China and you will realise that localising your site should not be an after-thought but a strategic element to your marketing, if your services are available to customers outside the UK or the USA.

Hotel Website in Japanese

Hotel Website in Japanese (Click to enlarge)


French German and Italian website translation

French German and Italian website translation


Whisky Tour Guide leaflets

Leaflets produced in three languages Japanese, Chinese and Russian. These tour information leaflets were produced for the Scottish distillery Famous Grouse for their history tour.

chinese tourism translation and typesetting sample

Chinese tourism translation and typesetting example


Tourism Audio Guides, Voiceovers and Subtitles

Subtitles: Childrens Guide to Derwent Waters

Subtitles: Childrens Guide to Derwent Waters

This is an audio guide with English subtitles for the hard of hearing, produced for Derwent Water, telling the history of the area and including a simple quiz for children.

The exponential growth of video on the web as a marketing tool has provided new opportunities for businesses to sell their wares to foreign markets. Providing subtitles or foreign language voice narration will dramatically increase your global audience.

Producing subtitles for either DVDs or web video is, in principle, a simple project but one that is, in reality, a potential nightmare. There are well over fifty formats of subtitling files, all of which differ slightly in the way they use time code. The format you need for your video will depend on the software you will use to recreate your final video and its intended platform: DVD, Web Site, YouTube etc.

Adelphi has years of experience in producing both audio and subtitles for video and can steer you through this minefield. Our in-house experts can even produce the final video for your DVD or web presentation in any video format you require, including HD (High Definition) and wide-screen.

Engineering Translations and Typesetting

Adelphi Translations have been producing Engineering Translations and Typeset documents for widgets to nuclear power stations. We have also translated and typeset tenders for an airport, in Russian, and for under sea pipelines in Spanish.

Engineering translation is a specialised skill so we use translators with experience in the appropriate area of engineering to ensure that the terminology remains accurate in the target document.

Engineering translation and manuals must be accurate and can include precise and detailed figures and instructions. Translations must, therefore, be expertly proofread and checked to ensure the accuracy of the target document.

Spanish Brochure Engineering Translations and Typesetting

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Engineering Translations Engineering Translations Engineering Translation

Engineering Translations and Typesetting in Spanish

The above brochure was translated and typeset for Sheffield University’s engineering department.

Software Engineering Brochure Translation and Typesetting in Korean

Engineering Translations Engineering Translation Engineering Translations

Korean Software Brochure Translation and Typesetting

Russian Engineering Brochure Translation and Typesetting

Russian Engineering brochure Translation and Typesetting

Russian Engineering Brochure Translation and Typesetting

French, German and Spanish Engineering Translation and Typesetting

Engineering Translations Engineering Translations Engineering Translations

Micronics Electronics Brochure Translation and Typesetting in German

This brochure is an engineering translation of flow measuring equipment in French, German and Spanish. The artwork was produced in FrameMaker using translation memory (TM) software, as the client regularly updates them, so that when the manual is updated over 70% of it will already be translated via exact matches thus reducing cost and speeding up the typesetting.

In Engineering translations there are often many complicated and technical illustrations made using software such as CAD. CAD engineering translations pose no problem for Adelphi Translations and we have translated and processed hundreds of CAD drawings in many languages.

To see more samples of our typesetting work, please CLICK HERE

Scandinavian Languages Translation Case Studies

The languages spoken in Scandinavia are North Germanic languages, and include Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese. They are often referred to as Scandinavian languages, after the geographical area. Finnish is sometimes included in the list of Scandinavian languages although it is completely unrelated to the other languages in the region.

The site we localised into Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. 

Swedish Danish Finnish website translation (Click to enlarge)

Swedish Danish Finnish website translation (Click to enlarge)

Danish Translation and Typesetting

Danish is a North Germanic language related to Icelandic, Faroese, Norwegian, and Swedish.

The example below is just one of a series of children’s puzzle books from English into Danish involving translation, typesetting and proofreading . A difficult project to make the Danish translation actually work with some of the images and fit the puzzles.

Danish translation and typesetting of children's puzzle book (Click to enlarge)

Danish translation and typesetting of children’s puzzle book (Click to enlarge)

Norwegian Translation and Typesetting

Related to Icelandic and Faroese, Norwegian is also from the northern Germanic branch of the Indo-European family tree.

The example below is part of a project for a series of product information leaflets commissioned by the companies design agency who were producing the English versions.

Norwegian translation and typesetting example by adelphi (Click to enlarge)

Norwegian translation and typesetting sample by adelphi (Click to enlarge)

Swedish Translation and Typesetting

Swedish is very close to Danish and Norwegian. There are at least 9 million speakers of Swedish.

The Equi-Trek website has already been translated by Adelphi Translations into French Italian and German. Now they are rolling out (literally) their horse box products into the Scandinavian market.


Swedish website for Equi-trek

Swedish website for Equi-trek (Click to enlarge)

Finnish Translation and Typesetting

Finnish Typesetting and Translation (Click to enlarge)

Finnish Typesetting and Translation (Click to enlarge)

The official language of Finland, Finnish uses the Latin alphabet and the letters ä, ö.

Finnish is a unique language, unrelated to any other living tongue. When typesetting European languages we, here at Adelphi, are always banging on about the text expanding in comparison to English.

As an example we can present the ‘longest word in the Finnish language’, which happens to be ‘lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas’.

At 61 characters long, this would cause a nightmare were it be included in a translated and typeset document. It can be translated as: Someone who is an aeroplane jet turbine motor assistant mechanic, non-commissioned officer, in training. If you want to amuse and astound your friends at parties I have broken up the word so that you can have a stab at pronouncing it. ‘len-to-ko-ne-suih-ku-tur-bii-ni-moot-to-ria-pume-kaa-nik-koa-liup-see-riop-pil-as’. The word epäjärjestelmällisyydestäänköhän came a distant second with 32 letters.

Adelphi Translations is a full service translation agency producing translations, typesetting, multilingual and foreign language websites, voice overs, Flash files and subtitles in any language.

Translating, Typesetting and Voice-overs for the €˜Community Languages’ of the UK

Adelphi Translations have many years experience in handling the €˜Community Languages’ of the United Kingdom for translation, typesetting or voice-over projects. But what exactly are the €˜Community Languages’ of the UK? The definition given by CILT (The National Centre for Languages) is “languages spoken by members of minority groups or communities within a majority language context.”

This definition covers languages such as Welsh or Gaelic, which have been spoken on the islands for hundreds of years, but nowadays they often refer to the languages spoken by either refugees or immigrants into the UK.

Scottish Refugee Council (SRC)

“Scottish Refugee Council is an independent charity dedicated to providing advice and information to people seeking asylum and refugees living in Scotland”.

Typesetting examples by Adelphi Translations Ltd

Typesetting and translation examples by Adelphi Translations Ltd (Click to enlarge)

Adelphi Translations Ltd. were invited to tender for the translation, typesetting and voice over work for the Scottish Refugee Council in 2007. Our first project was a 120 page Welcome to Glasgow information book translated into Somali, French, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Mandarin, Tigrinya, Kurdish Sorani and Pashto. We flew to Glasgow for a meeting with the SRC working out the schedule and to answer any questions they might have regarding the style of translation, the fonts to use and the delivery format.

Since then Adelphi has produced voice-overs for the SRC as well as the translation of many documents in the same languages.

CILT – The National Centre for Languages

“CILT are the UK standard-setting body for languages and provide advice, intelligence and other services for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.”

Adelphi staff went to London for a meeting with the staff of CILT including writers, designers and the translators. We discussed the correct fonts to use, especially for Yoruba, and had individual talks with each translator to discuss any questions they had before starting the work.

The documents were curriculum guides and the languages involved were Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Somali, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kurdish and Yoruba.

Community Languages for CILT (the National Centre for Languages)

Community Languages for CILT (the National Centre for Languages)
(Click to enlarge)

TB Alert

“TB Alert is the UK’s National and International Tuberculosis charity – the only British charity working solely on fighting TB in the UK and overseas”.

The project comprised of 9 documents translated and typeset into 19 languages. These were: Albanian, Bengali, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Somali, Kurdish Sorani, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

TB Alert Italian Sample

TB Alert Italian Sample (Click to enlarge)

Each document was produced using Adobe InDesign, both the English and Middle Eastern versions, and the final deliverables were print-ready PDFs.

TB Alert Urdu Sample

TB Alert Urdu Sample (Click to enlarge)

Community Language Voice overs

Adelphi translations have produced hundreds of voice-overs in community languages. Some examples include:

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