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ArtistSamplesVideo SampleAdd to Quote
African - Philip G
African - Susan C
African French - Stevy T
Aimee S
Aisling L
Alan K
Alexia K
Alyson S
Amy S
Andrew R
Andy F
Anthony P
Anthony R
Arlene T
Audrey F
Aurelien N
Bazz B
Beatrice M
Bev S
Brian H
Bruno T
Bryan O
Cameron M
Canadian - Nicole D
Cara J
Carrie - Scottish English
Ceire O
Claire D
Claudia R
Cortni J
Dan F
Dan G
Dana F
Daniel H
Darren A
Dave C
David T
David V
David W
Diane B
Dianna C
Donna B
Drew C
Ed H
Emily M
Emma E
Erin W
Gayle L
Helen L
Hélène S
Ian B
Ian C
Inga N
James D
James Mi
Jason G
Jazz M
Jean B
Jean D
Jeanna G
Jeannie M
Jessica S
Jessie B
Jill K
John L
John R
Jon I
Josh S
Joshua M
Julia A
Justin H
Karen W
Karen W - French
Ken B
Kengne A
Kenny D
Lauren A
Lecia M
Liam R
Liz D
Marc O
Marcus H
Marie E
Marie N
Marielle N
Mark S
Mark T
Mark W
Martin A
Mary S
Mathieu K
Matt C
Matt G
Meg M
Michael D
Michael R - American
Michelle F
Michelle L
Moe R
Nadege T
Naïma M
Nancy K
Nichole M
Nicole D
Pascale - European French
Peter B
Peter W
Peter W
Rafe S
Randye K
Rob L
Roxanne J
Ruth R
Ruth U
Sandra A
Sanjo O
Scott S
Shane E
Sherry B
Shirlie R
Simon F
Simon P
Sinead M
Siobhan M
Sophie W
South African - Adam B
South African - Louise P
South African - Marinda B
Steffan T
Steph B
Stephen D
Steve O
Steven W
Stevy T
Susan I
Susan S
Tamara R
Thomas B
Tim B
Todd B
Tom C
Tom D
Tony B
Tony H
Tracey L
Welsh - Gwenno D
Welsh - Noni
Welsh - Rebecca
Wendy H
William H
Yacine M
Yves A
Yves L
Zehra N
Zippy K
Zoelle R

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French accent voice-over talents

We work with professional English speaking French voice artists and French accent talents so that we maintain our level of quality and professionalism. Each of our French accent artists has their own rates that they work with, this being based on the region they are from, the nature of the project and if they are part of a union or not.

In a one-hour recording session, our French accent voice-over artist can record between 1,500 – 3,000 words of voice over, which is 10 – 20 minutes of audio. This depends on the speed required for the project; e.g. slow for audio books and narrations, regular paced e-learning, or fast for commercials.

Voice-over usage fees

This is a complex subject as each of our talents has their own rates for the usage fees. Some talents will charge a fee and some will not. Things to consider with the buyout fees is where the material will be shown such as radio; is that local radio, regional radio or national radio?

The usage fee will also depend on the country the voice artist is based in as there is no international standard rate. We recommend you approach us first and let us know the nature of the project and the budget you have. We will then provide you with the talents that are flexible enough to work within your needs.

Voice-over translations

As part of our voice-over service, Adelphi provides a full translation service to our customers. Our experienced translation team will work with you to fully understand your project in order to effectively manage the workflow from concept to completion. Adelphi ensures that all our translators are professional and work only into their mother tongue. This ensures accuracy.

If the French accent audio is going to be used over a video, then the voice-over translation could include time-codes to help the engineer sync up the audio to the video.

The style of translation is important for voice-over translations and should reflect the genre, e.g. if it is for marketing, public information, drama etc. The audio translator will have a copy of the video as reference and is instructed to translate using a style to match the source material. All our translators have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Adelphi Studio is a full service translation agency producing not only French accent voice-overs and translations but also French typesetting and French subtitling.

Transcription services

We also provide transcriptions from audio or video in any language, which can be used for processes like providing time-coded transcripts for translation. The length of many languages will expand when compared to the original English and care must be taken in the translation to keep the true meaning of the English, while staying within the time frames allowed in the audio/video. Depending on the language, we sometimes have to edit the English to make a more concise version of the original; this is because the spoken version of many languages is much longer than the English and may not fit in the allocated time-slot. In these cases, we will of course discuss the edited English with you first before we begin translation into French accent.

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