Adelphi Translations have become suppliers to Amnesty International providing typesetting services to them in Russian, Kurdish Sorani, Cambodian, Malay, Albanian, Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. Typesetting Russian, Malay, Albanian and Portuguese is basically straightforward but Kurdish Sorani and Cambodian is trickier. Kurdish Sorani is a right-to-left language, written in a modified Arabic script, while Cambodian, also known as Khmer, has its own unique alphabet.


Cambodian (Khmer) Typesetting and Translation

typesetting examples for Amnesty International

Typesetting samples for Amnesty International

Typesetting Cambodian requires a knowledge of Khmer fonts and how they work in the most popular typesetting software. Fortunately, Adelphi Translations has lots of experience dealing with the more exotic fonts and scripts and we have done lengthy research into which fonts work and which corrupt the script, so you can be sure that Kurdish Sorani or Cambodian DTP done by us will be legible and accurate.

Portuguese Typesetting for Amnesty International

Above is a sample of Portuguese DTP Adelphi produced as part of a multi-language project

Arabic typesetting (DTP)  involves using special versions of Adobe Indesign which will handle the right-to-left scripts. Farsi Typesetting (DTP), Dari Typesetting (DTP), Kurdish Sorani typesetting (DTP), and Urdu typesetting (DTP) all require the use of the ME version (Middle East) version of Indesign. These languages all use a modified version of the Arabic script. Hebrew typesetting (DTP) also has to be carried out in the ME version but uses its own unique alphabet.

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