Tagalog Translations – Typesetting | Subtitling | Voice-overs

Adelphi is a specialist media localisation agency providing Tagalog translations, Tagalog subtitling, Tagalog voice-overs and Tagalog print materials, from translation to the final product. Adelphi translates into over 100 languages.

Tagalog translations — Specialists in media localisation

Adelphi aims to provide a full Tagalog translation service to our customers. The translation itself is just part of this service; our experienced team will work with you to fully understand your project and effectively manage the workflow from concept to completion. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate your communication objectives and we take quality and punctuality very seriously. In addition to Tagalog translations, we also provide Tagalog subtitles, Tagalog typesetting and Tagalog voice-overs.

As we have many years experience providing translations for media projects we understand the process to get the most out of your project, unlike other translation agencies who will have little understanding of translating for print materials, voice-overs and subtitling projects and often provide translations that are too long, not timed properly or that use fonts unsuitable for the software to be used.

Adelphi is a proud member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), Adelphi can translate into over 120 different languages. We also specialise in translating rare and difficult languages, which means we can provide one point of contact for any language enquiry.

Our Tagalog language services include:

  • Tagalog translations by our own translation department
  • Tagalog transcriptions
  • Tagalog subtitling
  • Tagalog SRT creation
  • Tagalog voice-overs
  • Tagalog on-screen text localisation
  • Tagalog motion graphics localisation
  • Tagalog Typesetting and DTP specialists
  • In-house production studios
  • Dedicated project managers

Tagalog subtitles

We offer a professional English and foreign language subtitling service producing both open- and closed-caption subtitles in over 50 languages. Adelphi always produces all of its subtitles in-house — we never outsource any of the work, thereby maintaining confidentiality, consistency and quality. We can produce your subtitling in any video format required including MOV, MPEG-2, WMV, FLV and MP4.

Subtitling services by Adelphi, click the video to play

Please visit our subtitling pages here

Tagalog voice-overs

Adelphi’s Tagalog voice-over service offers a range of quality Tagalog voice-over artists and talents with a variety of skills and experience. We also have available a range of English samples by our English speaking Tagalog voice artists. We have over 1,200 voice artists in 80 languages.

All our Tagalog voice artists have been selected to offer a variety of ranges and styles covering everything from drama, commercials, corporate, Films, IVR’s (Interactive voice response), narrations etc., for you to choose from. We have Tagalog voice artists in a range of ages and some who can do character voices as well as traditional voices.

Tagalog voice artists

Please visit our Tagalog voice-over pages here

Tagalog typesetting

Tagalog is written with the Latin alphabet and consists of 28 letters, adopting the Spanish Ñ and Tagalog NG digraph. It poses no problems when typesetting.

Adelphi has been typesetting Tagalog for over ten years and can work on your Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Quark XPress or Microsoft Office files. To avoid any problems when printing it is our procedure to provide you with high quality, print-ready PDFs at the end of the process. Our in-house proofreading ensures that your final product is as accurate as possible, offering you true peace of mind. We are more than happy to typeset a translation you have provided or we can organise one for you ourselves if you would prefer.

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