Below is an example of an Urdu website translation for Scala Land Group. It was also translated and localised into Hindi Bengali and Punjabi.

Urdu Hindi Bengali Punjabi website translation

Urdu website translation: right to left languages

Translating your website into Urdu is a little more tricky than standard left to right languages. Urdu, Urdu, Dari, Farsi, Hebrew and Kurdish are all right to left languages and this will mean some formatting of the layout to make it work in the Urdu language. Also if you are designing a website in English that you know is to be translated into Urdu, right to left issues should be taken into consideration in the design stage.

How much of the site should we translate into Urdu?

Often it doesn’t make sense and maybe very expensive to translate the whole site into Urdu. If there are regularly updated sections such as ‘News’ or maybe a blog, in which new content is frequently added, it will make sense to exclude this from the Urdu translation. You can create an effective series of ‘mini-sites’ in Urdu which contains the main content of your site.

Navigating your translated websites — to flag or not to flag?

Urdu website translation

Many companies like to use flags to show the languages their website is translated into. Using a flag from any Urdu speaking country is only appropriate if your target audience is in that country. Urdu is spoken mainly in Pakistan and India.

Urdu typesetting, voice-overs and subtitles

Adelphi Translations Ltd. can work from Urdu to English and English to Urdu. We also produce voice recordings and subtitles for videos, as well as the translation and localisation of printed materials into Urdu.

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