Recently we have seen a rise in the number of enquiries from our UK clients within the Oil & Gas industries for Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.  The increase in exporting of products and services in this industry has lead to an increase in the need for translated compliance documents, product catalogues, QHSE materials, tender/legal documents and geo-reports for these locations.  It is of the utmost importance that these materials are translated accurately as we understand that sometimes lives can depend on them and therefore we use only experienced native linguists who have a background in relevant product or service.
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Chinese Engineering Website

Chinese Engineering Website

Above is an example of a website translated into Chinese and Korean for Bestobell LNG

Annual Report for BP

Language Services we offer relevant to the Oil and Gas Industry:
Promotion, Corporate or Training Videos: Subtitling &/or Voice-overs

Promotional Catalogues/Data sheets: Translation, Proofreading & Typesetting (including right to left languages such as Arabic) Legal Documents/Tenders/Contracts:Certified Translation, Proofreading and Transcriptipon of Audio where required
COSHH/QHSE: Translation and Typesetting of QHSE materials such as Training Presentations 7 handbooks, Incident Report/Explosive/Notification Forms and COSHH information sheets.

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