Gripple in Sheffield produce a new website and printed materials

Gripple have been working with Adelphi Translations for a while now, producing text for their new website and printed material.

Adelphi Translations produced translations for the various web pages and case studies as well as marketing brochures and information leaflets in eight European languages and Arabic.

Right-to-left languages, which mainly use a variation on the Arabic script, can be a nightmare to handle with standard software. Even in the twenty-first century many applications refuse to recognise right-to-left languages. This includes image packages such as Photoshop, video editing software like Adobe Encore (see March 2009) and industry standard typesetting applications such as Indesign and Quark Xpress. Adelphi Translations has invested in the ‘Middle-East’ versions of these popular packages, where available, and has developed ‘work-arounds’ for situations where software is not available.

Gripple Website in Eight Languages

Gripple Website in Eight Languages

So you can be confident that if you have a project involving Arabic Typesetting (DTP) or websites, Adelphi Translations can handle it accurately.

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