Adelphi have just completed over 100 pages Arabic typesetting for the Royal Armouries for an exhibition in Oman.

Adelphi were approached by the Royal Armouries to typeset in Arabic posters, brochures and exhibition materials. As all the materials were bilingual with both English and Arabic on the same page or on opposing pages we had to make sure that the English text did not change from the original source.

Arabic desktop publishing DTP

Adelphi has been translating and typesetting Arabic and other languages for national and international companies including Jaguar, Vidal Sassoon, Cisco, Sony etc, direct or via they’re advertising and design agencies. We also work for international aid agencies such as Amnesty International, Refugee Action, UNICEF and the Refugee Council.

Other Arabic Typesetting Samples

Adelphi has its own in-house typesetting studio providing Arabic typesetting. All our typesetting is handled in-house and carried out by our own experienced typesetters. Adelphi Translations has been producing Arabic typesetting for over 20 years. We produce all kinds of Arabic print materials including corporate brochures, packaging, business cards, posters and manuals, not just in Arabic but also in over 100 other languages.We also produce monthly financial reports in Arabic for use in 5 Arabic countries.

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