We have our own in-house Japanese project manager who handles all of our Japanese translation and localisation projects.

Below is a sample of a Japanese website translation that we carried out for Palmers Lodge along with 8 other languages which included French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Japanese website translation

Japanese website translation: How much of your site should be translated into Japanese?

Depending on how you are marketing your product or service abroad, it may not make sense or be cost-effective to translate the entire site into Japanese. If there are regularly updated sections such as ‘News’ or maybe a blog, in which new content is frequently added, you may want to exclude this from the Japanese version of your website. You can create an effective series of ‘mini-sites’ in Japanese, which contains the main content of your site.

Japanese language information

Many languages expand when compared to English however Japanese on average tends to be shorter than English. Japanese uses “double-byte” characters: in terms of presentation, this means that punctuation marks like full-stops and commas have an extra, thin space coded right after them, e.g. 史上、重要。We are often asked to remove these by clients less familiar with Japanese, but this is both impossible and undesirable: these spaces are a natural part of digitally-presented Japanese.

Japanese desktop publishing, voice-overs, and subtitles

Adelphi Translations Ltd. can work from Japanese to English and English to Japanese. We also produce voice recordings and subtitles for videos, as well as the translation and localisation of printed materials into Japanese.

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