Adelphi have over 15 years experience with Malayalam typesetting (DTP) as well as Malayalam websites, voice overs and subtitles. Due to its lineage to both Sanskrit and Tamil, the Malayalam alphabet has the largest number of letters among the Indian languages. Malayalam script includes letters capable of representing all the sounds of Sanskrit and all Dravidian languages. The example below is of an exam paper we typeset into Malayalam. All our Malayalam typesetting is handled in-house and carried out by our own experienced typesetters. We produce all kinds of Malayalam typesetting including corporate brochures, packaging, business cards, posters and manuals.

Translation Typesetting

Malayalam questionnaire

Translating and typesetting Malayalam poses no technical problems as Malayalam fonts are supported on both Macs and PCS, and by all professional typesetting applications.

Adelphi is a full service translation agency, which as well as producing Malayalam translations also produces Malayalam websitesMalayalam subtitling and Malayalam voice-overs and has with offices in the UK and USA. When typesetting some languages it is important to know which font works for that particular language in a particular design package. By using Adelphi for your translation and typesetting we will ensure that the correct font is used to avoid any problems at the typesetting stage.

Adelphi has been translating and typesetting Malayalam and other languages for national and international companies including Jaguar, Vidal Sassoon, Cisco, Sony etc, direct or via their advertising and design agencies. We also work for international aid agencies such as Amnesty International, Refugee Action, UNICEF and the Refugee Council.

Adelphi has typeset documents in over 100 languages and have built up expertise in using InDesign, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, Illustrator etc. as well as all Microsoft applications.

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