Translations and typesetting of religious materials

We have produced a variety of religious materials from illustrated children’s books to comprehensive Bible study courses We have either provided the translations or been asked to typeset using translations provided by the client, we have also produced voice-overs and subtitles for videos and promotional materials.

The below is a sample from a recently typeset religious book in Greek for an LifeWay an American publishing company.

The publication below was for children and was typeset in Tagalog for OneHope an American publishing company.

Tagalog Typesetting

Adelphi has typeset documents in over 120 languages and have built up expertise in using InDesign, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, Illustrator and all Microsoft applications. When typesetting some languages it is important to know which font works for that particular language in a particular design package.


We have also completed a series of Kurdish voice-overs for the Church of Scientology by Golden Era Productions which is an organization operated by the Church of Scientology that produces promotional material for the Church’s membership.

Adelphi is a multilingual voice over services agency producing foreign language voice-overs in over 80 languages with over 1,200 voice artists.

From Arabic to Yoruba we have the foreign language voice over talent to suit your production and budget. With more voice samples to choose from than other agencies offering a great range of foreign language voice-over artists to meet your expectations. We also have over 120 foreign accent English voice artists to choose from.

Please visit our voice-over pages to choose from over 1,200 voice artists in over 80 languages 


Adelphi a specialist foreign language subtitling company committed to offering a competitive and comprehensive subtitling service to suit your requirements and budget. Offering the best one-stop foreign language subtitling package that is unrivalled by any other subtitling agency.

Adelphi’s subtitling services include localisation of motion graphics and animationsArticulate Storyline e-learning projects, and any on-screen textand all in-house. Our own translation department are specialists in subtitle SRT translation no matter what the language.

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