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Adelphi Translations Ltd have been producing foreign language subtitles for corporate video for over ten years. Mention subtitles and most of us think of exotic foreign cinema or Hollywood blockbusters with foreign language subtitles but there is a need for foreign language and English subtitling on company promotional videos, e-learning video and instructional video either on the Internet or DVD.

Subtitling samples

As well as producing foreign language subtitles for video Adelphi Translations have been involved in many projects which required ‘same language captions’, which are basically subtitles intended as an aid to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. Our new website ‘Adelphi Studio‘ which is dedicated to our voice-over and subtitling services is now live, to see more voice-over and subtitling samples please click on the image below and you will be taken to the site.

Adelphi Studio

To see more foreign language subtitles examples please click here

Foreign Language Voice-overs

Adelphi Translations produce multilingual voice overs in many languages. We have our own in-house digital recording studio for foreign language voiceover projects plus a portable digital recording facility if required. We can provide audio files in any format, including WAV, WMA or MP3. We can deliver the files to you via email, FTP or on CD or DVD. Adelphi Translations has produced voiceovers for many of the community languages in the UK including Hindi, Urdu, Somali, Chinese, Gujarati, Bangala, Punjabi, Arabic, Yoruba, Farsi Dari, Kurdish and many more.

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Adelphi Translations has also produced voice overs in European, Eastern European, Scandinavian and Asian Languages, including French, German, Spanish (European Spanish and South American Spanish), Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, as well as others including Yoruba, Zulu, Tagalog, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese. If we do not have samples to offer you we will source new ones for approval.

CDs can only support one track therefore multiple language selection is not available, however DVDs can support multiple tracks making it possible to be able to select different language through an interface. We design and build interfaces where the language required can be selected from a list. To hear some sample foreign language voice overs please visit: Adelphi Studio

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