Japanese Translations and Subtitling for the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation USA

Archival footage and publicity material of John F. Kennedy for an exhibition in Japan

English to Japanese translation and subtitling supplied by Adelphi for the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation of Boston, USA. Over the course of several months, we had the great honour of working with the Foundation to make key portions of their archival footage and publicity material accessible to a Japanese audience ahead of an exhibition and talk they subsequently held in Japan.

The video above is of President John F. Kennedy’s address at the commencement ceremony for American University in June 1963. Adelphi time-coded the English from the footage, translated the spoken and on-screen English into Japanese and then subtitled the videos, ready to be enjoyed by visitors to the exhibition whether they spoke English or Japanese. Our native Japanese member of staff was also able to provide useful input for the client in connection with the cultural dimensions of this project.

Please visit http://www.jfklibrary.org/JFK/JFK-and-Japan.aspx for more information.