Arabic Subtitling Services

The Brief

The client wanted to produce a video, which was aimed at refugee’s in the UK looking to find assistance to return to their respective counties. The information in the video needed to be delivered in multiple languages from an English script and also had to be accessible to the visually impaired and people with hearing disabilities (HoH). The final footage of the video hadn’t been compiled from the rush clips at the time of the request and the client wanted further advice on expansion of languages.

The requested languages were; Arabic, Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Dari, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Kurdish, Pashto, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish (Latin American), Tamil and Urdu.

The Solution

As a number of the languages required tend to expand by 10%-20% when translating from English, we added potential timings to the English script provided and advised on how long the final sections would be to accommodate the other languages. The clients video producer implemented the lengths to the final video and provided a high res copy to work with. To ensure hard of hearing and visually impaired were both catered for, we recorded voice-overs and provided subtitling in the required languages. As with most voice-over projects, we provided a selection of voices for the client to choose from and where there wasn’t one suitable in our database of talents, we went about sampling others for the client’s further consideration. Once approved, we recorded the audio and synced it to the video against the agreed timings. After the voice-overs were added, the €˜burnt on’ subtitles were synced accordingly and the final products rendered in each of the languages. The files were delivered in Apple ProRes 422 720p and H.264 versions.

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