Adelphi Translations has produced voice overs in many different foreign languages. We have our own in-house digital recording studio for foreign language voiceover projects, plus a portable digital recording facility if required. We can provide audio files in any format, including WAV, WMA or MP3. We can deliver the files to you via email, FTP or on CD or DVD. Adelphi Translations has produced voiceovers for many of the community languages in the UK including Hindi, Urdu, Somali, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Arabic, Yoruba, Farsi, Dari, Kurdish and many more.

CDs can only support one track therefore multiple language selection is not available, however DVDs can support multiple tracks making it possible to be able to select different language through an interface. We design and build interfaces where the language required can be selected from a list. To hear some sample foreign language voice overs please visit:

For small runs we can burn CDs or DVDs in-house and design and print a label onto the disc. We also provide an interface where the language required can be selected from a list of languages.

Foreign Language Flash files

Adelphi Translations have been producing flash files in Asian, European and Arabic languages for the past 6 years. Our in-house experts have recently completed Flash files in Japanese, Korean, Arabic and many other languages. Flash can be used to produce web-based animations or interactive interfaces as can be seen in the examples at:

Foreign Language Subtitles

Our multimedia department is set up to work on a wide range of subtitling formats. We are able to take your original video and recreate a working copy, which has foreign language subtitles, either on web video (including Flash movies) or DVD.

To see and read more about our work please CLICK HERE to visit our dedicated Subtitling and Voice-Overs website.

The process we go through to achieve this is as follows:

Transcription -> Prepare text for subtitle -> Translation -> Input foreign language -> Export Subtitle

We export subtitles that are compatible with your own authoring software. Alternatively, we can author the disc and provide you with a working foreign language version of your original CD. Subtitles can also be ‘burned’ onto the video when it is not necessary to provide a selection of languages, and you wish the subtitles to be permanently visible. This technique is often used for web video clips.

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