Adelphi has its own in-house media production department called Adelphi Studio. Adelphi Studio are specialists in producing Punjabi voice-overs and subtitles.

You can filter by language, dialect, level of professional experience and sex of the artist by using the drop-down menus.
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Arvind M - Punjabi
Devinder S - Punjabi
Harish B - Punjabi
Jayanthi S - Punjabi
Nitin V - Punjabi

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Adelphi offers a variety of different voice talents

Professional Voice-over Artists

Full time professional voice-over artists from all over the world

Standard Voice-over Artists

Voices for budget productions recorded in our own studios

Punjabi Accented English Voice-over Artists

English-accented voice artists. With both professional and standard voices available.

The level of Punjabi voice-over required can vary. Some clients require high-level, BBC style Punjabi voice-over artists for commercial use, others require just a clear reading voice, while some prefer a Punjabi voice-over by a local amateur. The choice is the client’s. Depending on the subject matter, some choose a male or female for their Punjabi voice and specify a specific age group.

At Adelphi we will try to accommodate whatever type of Punjabi voice-over you require. We will either send samples of artists we already have on our books, or search for and record new voices for you to choose from. Please be aware that the price of a voice-over artist will be dependent on their level of experience.

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This video has both Punjabi Subtitling and a Standard Level Punjabi Voice-over
It was also subtitled and voiced in Russian, Tamil, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Hindi, French, Farsi, Dari,
Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Bengali.

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