Arabic e-learning voice-overs

Adelphi records Arabic voice-overs for e-learning companies and their clients and has a rich experience with the specific requirements this kind of work involves. We can offer you a diverse range of affordable Arabic e-learning voice talents, varying from high-end professional actors to our standard voices for more locally-minded or budget-conscious projects.

Please visit our dedicated voice-over and subtitling website at Adelphi Studio

Adelphi has established itself as a competitive translation agency as well as one of the worlds specialist media translation agencies. Specialising in the translation and creation of subtitles, voice-overs and typesetting of printed material to the highest of standards no matter what the language. The benefit of using Adelphi for your translation and media localization is that we can keep a high level of control through out the project from start to finish, whilst maintaining a high degree of confidentiality and also delivering the final product ready to use.

At Adelphi we will try to accommodate whatever type of Arabic voice-over for your e-learning project. We will either send samples of artists we already have on our books, or search for and record new voices for you to choose from. Please be aware that the price of a voice-over artist will be dependent on their level of professionalism.

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Audrey F
Aurelien N
Beatrice M
Bruno T
Claire D
Claudia R
David V
Hélène S
Jason G
Jazz M
Jean B
Jean D
Karen W - French
Kengne A
Lauren A
Marc O
Marie N
Mathieu K
Nadege T
Naïma M
Nicole D
Pascale - European French
Roxanne J
Stevy T
Tony B
Yacine M
Yves A
Yves L

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Arabic e-learning Translations

Adelphi’s translators are experienced professionals who work only into their mother tongue to ensures accuracy and understanding of the source material. All translators have a minimum of three years’ commercial experience in translation of their specialist fields and your project will always be matched to the most suitable translator with the relevant expertise to work on your material.

Arabic Typesetting


Your Arabic e-learning project may also require Arabic printed materials, such as instruction manuals, packaging, and brochures.

Our professional Arabic typesetting is handled in-house and carried out by our own expert typesetters, offering you peace of mind and the highest assurance of quality. We regularly produce all kinds of documents in a multitude of languages, including corporate brochures, packaging, business cards, posters and manuals.

Arabic Subtitling

E-learning videos are sometimes more suited for Arabic subtitles rather then Arabic voice-overs

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We offer a professional Arabic language subtitling service producing both open- and closed-caption subtitles. Adelphi always produces all of its Arabic e-learning subtitles in-house — we never outsource any of the work, thereby maintaining confidentiality, consistency and quality. We can produce your subtitling in any video format required.

Transcription Services

We also provide transcription and translation services in any language, to provide time-coded scripts for translation. The length of many languages will expand when compared to original English and care must be taken in the translation to keep the true meaning of the English, while staying within the time frame allowed. For voice-overs and depending on the language, we sometimes have to edit the English to make a more concise version of the original; this is because the spoken version of many languages is much longer than the English and would not fit in the allocated time-slot. Of course the edited English is approved by the client before translation into Arabic.

Arabic Websites

If your promoting your Arabic e-learning materials then it would make sense to have a Arabic version of your website.


Adelphi have translated and localised websites in over 50 different languages often using 10 or more languages on a website.

Adelphi a “one stop” solution for all your Arabic requirements


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